Windward Circle - The Venice Lagoon
Windward Avenue - Lion Canal

Market Street -Aldebaren Canal

San Juan Street - Venus Canal

Cabrillo Avenue - Cabrillo Canal

Main Street - Coral Canal

Grand Avenue - Grand Canal

Altair Street - Altair Canal

gondola silhouette tile

aka "making waves"





Blue waves are splashing along the roads that were originally The Kinney Company's canals. Eventually, we hope to see glass flecks twinkling in the pavement where once there was water.

Still to come once permits are secured: WAVES on all the original canal streets, occassional GONDOLA's and STREET SIGNS providing the former canal names.

In 1924, four years after the City of Los Angeles aquired Venice, over the objections of residents, the canals were filled in and paved over. Automobiles were being tauted to replace the existing, effecient, mass transit: Trolley Cars, Miniature Train & Gondola's.

The canals which remain today were saved by the shortage of funds caused by the Great Depression.

robin murez canal map

I was arrested for Felony Vandalism for painting these pretty blue waves on the pavement of former canals.  Apparantly a cranky neighbor, who failed and refused to see what I was doing called the police.  The charges were ultimately dropped and I was dubbed: " Robin Of The Hood."  Thank you.