For a quick infusion of worldly wonders, Abbot Kinney brought the Midway Plaissance to Venice, in time for its grand opening in 1905.  These World's Fair attractions, were shipped in from the Louis and Clark Exposition in St. Louis, which had acquired them from the Chicago World's Fair.  The Midway Plaissance was located on the banks of the Lagoon, now Windward Circle.  It included "The Streets of Cairo" where live camel rides provided a taste of exotic Egypt.

My sculpture of Toth also came by way of St. Louis.  I created him for a temporary public art project. He adorned the entrance to The Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis. Toth now brings a taste of exotic Egypt back to Venice.

After a year on Pacific Avenue, Toth sustained a broken arm. It must have taken a Herculean effort to cause the damage;  Toth is steel reinforced fiberglass

HE'S BACK!  Toth is now on Windward Circle.  Sharing his "magic and wisdom."

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