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  Fall 2016  

We're building a Venice themed full scale bicycle propelled "flying horse" Carousel for Centennial Park.  Until the 1950's Venice was renown as "Coney Island of the Pacific," owing to its fantastic amusement rides. These included a beautiful Dentzel Carousel on the Abbot Kinney Pier. 

Lead Artist, Robin Murez, is hand carving the wooden animals and other objects the old fashioned way.  Sponsors will adopt and participate in the selection, naming and design of each creature.  Each is related to the colorful stories of Venice.  These may include a Tongva Turtle, a Rocket Ship honoring Ray Bradbury, a Camel, an Ostrich... and more.  Other Venice artists, children and volunteers will paint and carve the elaborate and fanciful carousel decorations.

Our carousel mechanism, like that in Davis, CA pictured above, is built by William Dentzel.  He is 5th generation carousel builder.  Bill's great grandfather built Venice's original carousel. 

Pedaling the carousel is fun, engaging and a "green" alternative energy source that "even a ten year old child can do."  Bike Attack is building our pedaling mechanism.

With Venetian ingenuity, the park will have additional bike powered machines including a cotton candy machine, a cell phone charger, spin art and whatever else is dreamed up.

Fifteen children and adults may ride the 20 foot diameter carousel and try to catch a brass ring to win a free ride.  Riders will pay just $1 (or free on special occasions) and the Carousel will be available for rent by private parties, day and night.

A festive canopy with secure fencing will protect the Carousel.  Nighttime operation will be illuminated by sparkling LED lighting. Music can be selected for each event - from live string quartets to digital or traditional Carousel Music.  An operator will oversee the Carousel's operation.

All proceeds of the Venice Carousel will be benefit Venice charities. 

The Venice Carousel will share a portion of Centennial Park with the proposed Venice Heritage Foundation Museum.  Both will bring the colorful stories of Venice to life and create a wonderful public park destination for the community and visitors.

The Venice Chamber of Commerce has actively partnered with the Carousel project.  All donations to the Carousel are tax deductible through the Chamber's Not-for-Profit status.

Call to get involved.  We want you! 

Adopt a Carousel Animal and be a part of its design, forever! Or sponsor our Solar Sound & Light Systems, the Gazebo Roof, that all important Bike, and more. Click here for more info and call to discuss.

Contact: or call Robin Murez at 310 709-7826


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